FREE HOME PHONE LINE for the first 5000 Residents from Toronto or Montreal

Not sure if this might be a hot deal but I came across this website offering a Free softphone service.

"The first 5000 residents from either Toronto or Montreal receive FREE calling to anywhere in Canada and your new phone number for life."

Also not sure how long this offer has been around, but it's worth a try

These are some of the features included:

When you download and signup for our service you will receive free services and great choices!

* A FREE local phone number !, if you live in the 416, 647 and most 905 area codes you can receive phone calls on your new
FREEPHONELNE personal phone number. (Many new area codes will be added in 4th quarter ’07).
* Unlimited Free Local calling !
* Caller ID - The incoming caller’s phone number is displayed on the freephoneline softphone.
* Unlimited FREE Canada wide long distance calling to these major cities : Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton,
Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax, and, all the towns that are a local call to these cities!
* Incredibly low long distance rates outside the coverage areas above. For rates go to our sister company.
With FREEPHONELINE you dial direct without dialing 1011295.
* Full Enhanced Voicemail Service that is accessible from your phone no charge!
* Voicemail to Email a copy of the voicemail is emailed to your private email account automatically , no charge !
* Follow me service with enhanced unified messaging feature. When not at home, or if you use the PC phone and it is offline,
you can set a number to call forward your local number.. You can also set the number of rings you would like the call forwarded
for [example 3 rings to my cell phone] then if you are unavailable or you choose not to answer the call,
voicemail will play your recorded greeting taking a message.
This means you no longer need voicemail on your cell phone or other home phone lines, can be
your central messaging service.

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