Factory reset your OBi110

There are 3 ways to do this:
1. Power on the unit (no need to connect phone or internet), and look for the distinctive hole on the back of the OBi110 by the top-left corner of the product label.    Insert tip of a paper-clip and press for 10 seconds.   The power LED will blink and the unit will reboot.

2. With the unit connected to the same network as your PC, open the webpage of the device.  Under System Management -> Device Update -> Reset Configuration.

3. Enter ***81 on the phone connected to the OBi's PHONE port.
Pressing ***81 reboots the device and it then shows in Obitalk as online-unmanaged.

I'm not sure how I lost my OBi config settings.
I did ***81 to test it, and was poking around the OBi expert configuration in the OBi portal. I now find that all my OBi settings are set to default, the password was reset to admin.

Last time I had one show as unmanaged I couldn't figure out how to change the status so I just deleted it and re added it.

after pressing ***81

      From the dashboard
device shows as online-unmanaged
device configuration still shows my selectred settings
the service provider still shows my selected choice (google voice) but it shows "service not configured"
   clicking on "service provider", prior selected settings still showing

     From Expert Configuration
the complete configuration is still showing, no changes from the supposed reset.

     From the web interface
password now defaulted to "admin"
everything is showing at factory settings

    From the phone
attempted call results "there is no service"

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