ATA Disconnect RESOLVE

The most comment support related issue at Freephoneline-Fongo is ATA voip disconnects and are related to Registration Interval.

As the owner of 13 voip ATA's and have sent many Freephoneline-Fongo support tickets. I also made many support phone calls to Freephoneline-Fongo. With the ATA; OBi, VTA-CV, Granddstream, etc) all issues have been resolved with setup changes.

It seems recently as of September 2013 all the ATA with default setting have had disconnect problems,  my question then, is Freephoneline-Fongo making changes, well I can not comment.   But I have had to re-setup all the ATA's that have been working for years until recent September 2013. ATA Disconnect RESOLVE
Reason is as follows:  Registration Period
The Registry expiry on the ATA needs to be setup for 3600 as per FPL guidelines:

The values that need your attention are below:
Registration Interval:3600 seconds (1 hour)
Registration Expiry: 3600 seconds (1 hour)
Failed Registration Re-Try Interval:120 seconds

Your ATA is currently setup with 600 instead of 3600.
Please try to make the necessary adjustments in order to avoid possible issues.


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