ATA Registration Period RESOLVE

RegistrationPeriod that need to be changed from 60 sec to 3600 sec

the RegistrationPeriod is located in the Expert menu under

Service Providers > ITSP Profile X SIP > RegistrationPeriod

Uncheck the Obitalk Settings and then the Device Default and change the value for 3600

That should fixed the "486 Too many registers" Error Message

Default Value
RegistrationPeriod:  60

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1. Open the Service Providers menu, the ITSP Profile A, B, C or D (Obi202). Obi100 & 110 has only A & B
2. Click on SIP
3. Uncheck the default
4. Change Registration period from “60” to “3600” (no double quote)
Submit|Save - REBOOT

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